A4BLUE (Adaptive Automation in Assembly for BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context) proposes the development and evaluation of a new generation of sustainable and adaptive workplaces dealing with the evolving requirements of manufacturing processes and human variability. For this, A4BLUE is working to introduce adaptive automation mechanisms for an efficient and flexible execution of tasks, ensuring a constant and safe human-machine interaction as well as advanced and personalized worker assistance systems including VR/AR and knowledge management capabilities to support them in the assembly and training related activities. “A4BLUE focuses in three aspects of the future workplaces” says Jon Larreina, the A4BLUE project coordinator. “First, adaptability, which allows effortless integration of heterogeneous hardware and software components to adjust the behaviour of the workplace to face changes within the production site. Second, interaction through intuitive, context-aware and personalized multimodal human-automation interaction mechanisms. And finally, sustainability, by determining the optimal degree of automation of new assembly processes that balance social and economic criteria to maximize long term worker satisfaction and overall performance”.