The solutions developed in Factory2Fit will engage and empower future factory workers and bring increased worker motivation, satisfaction and productivity by giving the worker motivating feedback of his/her wellbeing and work performance and adapting the work environment according to personal skills and preferences. The solutions also engage workers to share knowledge, participate in designing their work, and take responsibility of their own learning and skills development. “Factory2Fit aims to radically increase the potential for factory workers to influence their work,” said Factory2Fit Project Coordinator Dr Eija Kaasinen from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. “Factory2Fit’s solutions will make the factory environment more flexible and adaptable. The solutions will also allow workers to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and skills development, as well as provide tools to share their tacit knowledge. As well as benefitting the workers themselves, the Factory2Fit solutions will bring a range of benefits for employers and the wider European manufacturing industry,” said Dr Kaasinen.